How much should I spend on a Thai Escort?

Longing to ask a gorgeous Thai escort out on a date and enjoying the night, spending some passionate moments together? You can turn your dreams into reality in the land of exotic tourist attractions. With several types of Thai hookers and escort agencies, your visit to Thailand is going to be one of a kind.

Nightlife in Thailand


Nightlife in Thailand

With glistening beer bars, ever-busy nightclubs, and exotic massage parlours, you will find a sensual Thailand nightlife. Partying and meeting a beautiful girl is probably what you are longing for during your visit to this Southeast Asian country.

To start with, the top-rated places having a thriving nightlife include Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui. The youngsters are sure to find something of their taste in these Thai cities, and will never be disappointed.

Cost of Girls in Thailand 2020


Cost of Girls in Thailand 2020

Even though prostitution is illegal in Thailand, yet, to speak the truth, sex in this country is no secret. Tourists visiting this land of dreams are ever on the search for good call girls to enjoy some passionate time together. However, before you head on, you must be aware of the prices involved in indulging into sexual activities with Thai escorts.

Sex prices in Thailand depend on the type of hookers and the range of services you are hiring and the hours you are booking the appointment for. So let’s have a glance at the escort prices associated with different genres of prostitution.

Types of Escorts in Thailand

Whether you are looking for some hardcore experience or a passionate GFE in Thailand, there is a host of options for you. Here is a brief comparison of the prices associated with different types of Thai hookers, along with some nightlife tips for tourists.

Thai Street Freelancers or Street Hookers


Thai Street Freelancers or Street Hookers

The Beach Road girls in Pattaya or the hooker girls in the Sukhumvit Road area and Nana Plaza, are typical examples of street freelancers in Thailand. The pricing depends upon how good-looking and attractive these girls are, and the time you are hiring their services.


Thai Bar Girls

You can indulge in a variety of sexy activities with beer bar girls in Thailand. You can buy her a Lady drink, or enjoy watching her dance. You can even bar fine her and take her out at a negotiated price.

So if you are searching for ‘How much does a Thai bar girl cost?’, here is your answer.


Thailand Go Go Girls

These girls are attractive and are seen in and around the foreign oriented areas.


Thai Brothels

This is probably the cheapest option in Thailand.


Thai Online Girls

Many men find this a safer and quicker option, and they can choose their desired type of Thai escorts.


Moreover, there are other escort services such as soapy massage parlours, which can cost you anywhere between 700-5000 Baht. Have a luscious time with your desired companion and cherish the passionate moments of the night.

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